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Reviews for "SAS: Zombie Assault 3"

good game

i not have a mochigames acount :( XD but good game 10/10


I really loved this game,i mean,what is more awesome than shooting zombies in the head,WHIT FRIENDS?some people are saying that camera control is bad,well,i don't think that,only at the start it fuck up,but then it get's cool,also,the purge levels we're pratically IMPOSSIBLE to beat,most of the people would just exit the game,leaving only me and some other low-level guy to kill OVER 9000!!!!Zombies,and then boot of us die.And i loved that :D


is really dam good this game .... just one problem ...... no quality chage XD

Imma give you a ten but....

theres a problem sometimes when you use the M1 garand or any other weapon aside from the pistol it won't fire I dunno if it's just my browser 'cause I use Firefox
so...If anyone knows what am I doing wrong pm me ty,good game and have a nice day :)

perfectly enjoyable.