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Reviews for "SAS: Zombie Assault 3"

A Decent Nazi Zombies Clone, With a Few Flaws

I would like to begin by stating I only bought Black Ops for the Zombies mode, so that should tell you that i'm a bit of a snob when it comes to zombie games. SAS Zombie Assualt 3, all in all, is an enjoyable nazi zombies clone held back from perfection by a few technical issues and even the occasional bug, which to be fair should not exist due to the general popularity of this series. In that sense, this title feels rushed...but it's just SO FREAKING FUN!

The addition of an online mode is, in a word, awesome. Finally, I can grab a few buddies and slaughter the ravenous hordes on a late saturday night - without even booting up Call of Duty or Left 4 Dead. Spot on, Ninja Kiwi.

Then there are the bugs. Whether it's a character getting stuck in a corner or not being able to fire your weapon, these will annoy the hell out of you. However, they do not interfere with the game frequently enough to severely effect the experience, so i'll give NK the benefit of the doubt and hope they fix this in an upcoming patch. Still, it's a bit tiring to have to wait until a patch arrives for irritating bugs to be removed. Why not remove them prior to releasing the game? I mean, come on!

The gameplay, as always, is fun, though i'm still upset by the micro-transaction system. Why should I have to PAY for items that give me an advantage on a site that advertises FREE games? What is the point of calling something Free to Play when you're at a disadvantage if you don't use real life currency to buy premium items?

The only other con I can think of would be the severe lack of maps. Five maps for a game of this stature is unacceptable. I would be comfortable with perhaps ten, but FIVE? (Irritated sigh...)

Overall, if you're looking for a fun Nazi Zombies clone on the web, this is tough to beat. Still, that's not saying much, considering it's the only game of its type to reach rediculous popularity levels, especially with the greedy micro transactions and irritating bugs. I do applaud NK for the addition of co-op, which I have desired for an extremely long time, but this game is in dire need of a patch. Should these issues be resolved at a later date, I will update my review accordingly.

Pretty easy!

I love this game I have ever enjoyed the series now it's finally multiplayer but I have hoped more... my teammates are overall n00bz! I get at least 300kills and the others are around 100kills... note I'm always like 10ranks under them XD and they always die at the last wave! And I doesn't like the Weapon Realism... like a Raging Bull is THAT weak? Never....
Actually the game is way to easy! or is there any way to higher the difficulty?


My player always loses control and automatically walks where ever he wants too and I usually die because he gets stuck in a corner.


For some reason no matter what I do the game always says i've only killed a few zombies. I hardly get any xp or cash. Can't figure it out..

Too easy to be worthwhile. . .

I'd rather not go to multiple websites just to play a game that I could get anywhere else.