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Reviews for "SAS: Zombie Assault 3"

Awesome game

is one of the betters sagas of zombie games that i play but i prefer the S.A.S.Zombie Assault 2 because its have a very big space,to enter to another part you have to pay and other stuff ,if you going to do a sas zombie assault 4 made it the maps like the sas zombie assault 2
PS:if you read this or someone readit and did understand nothing if because i do not now too much english

Fun game

For me the multiplayer works just fine, all the people who complain about the lag should buy a new computer or shut up, a few months ago i had the same lag troubles as all of them said(like getting the less kills on a game), but now i got a new pc and i havent experimented any trouble in a single gameplay, so please stop complaining about the game if you have a computer from 2000, you wouldnt play a game like skyrim in one of those right? same thing with this one.

Single Player = Good; Multiplayer = Shit

Single player is well constructed and the gameplay is fun and a little addicting, but the multiplayer needs more improvement. The multiplayer is extremely laggy, the scoreboard goes haywire, same with the game on multiplayer. I honestly don't care about the graphics, so I'm going to give this game a seven.

Singleplayer was somewhat fun, multiplayer, bleh.

Here's what I think, I think the difficulty needs to be raised. It's WAY to easy, really.
Or add a difficulty selection. But other than that singleplayer isn't bad. Just easy.
Multiplayer is really... Umm... Not too good. That's only because of the bugs.
Such as the lag, the people jumping across the map, and especially the way your XP gets jacked by other players somehow at the end of the match. I'd like to see a server browser, map selection, and guests/non-guest servers.
BUT alright game, I kind of think SAS 2 was a bit better, but that's just me.

a nice great good game :D

XD i like your game so much but Connecting always you know grrr hate wrong something like cant connect to mochi games whatever it is soo nxt time change it make more cool awesome great ok!