Reviews for "-Gravity Master-"

great game

one slight problem though on level 19 i sent the ball through the portal then folowed it and got stuck in an infinite loop


its gravity god

That was weird

The funny thing I noticed is that I think I missed the directions. I was able to get past the first level of this game however. The coolest thing was how all I had to do was simply pick up speed to jump over the block. It's strange it would be like that, but I don't know how to advance beyond that. I still have to give you guys credit for having a game that looks wonderfully made with flawless graphics. It's truly unlike anything I've played before.

That might be because it's so incomprehensible that I can't go far. I like the weird design of this little guy. I have no idea what's going on, but the transition effects are awesome, especially with how they go from one level to the next. It's great to know you guys will never run out of original ideas! You guys will never stop making them either.