Reviews for "-Gravity Master-"

Great game, different and fun

This is a good example of a good game. Concept of it is good, albeit a little flawed. The actual gravity isn't being manipulated, else all objects, including the character would fall in a specific direction.

The controls are tough, there is little leeway and they react slow. They seem to ''stick'' if you know what I mean, sluggish and need to be improved.

Other than that, graphics are okay. There are no frills but they follow a neat pattern - after a while we all get used to it.
Its different to many other games I played, I never have come across anything similar that plays with physics in the same or similar fashion. So for effort and idea Ill give you an A. Execution is C+, there are things in need of improvements.

I do like the piano sounds everytime you move, change 'gravity' and jump. Thats something I haven't yet seen in any game - I think.

Kind of a misnomer.

Seeing as how you don't manipulate gravity in any way, the game is really more about manipulation of the mass of convenient boxes. Nitpick aside, the controls for the game are floaty and awkward. The character has no fluid run-to-jump, instead taking a half second to pause, negate all momentum, and then lurch forward in his jump animation.

He seems to slip and slide everywhere and the platforming suffers for it. I don't know if it's just poor hit detection or sloppy programming but the character often tips off smaller platforms unless he lands on them just perfectly. As far as normal platforming convention goes, while boxes may be under the effects of physics, a character model should be able to stand perfectly balanced on any ledge as long as some part of it rests on the ledge.

Other than that, the music is uncomfortable and creates a sense of unease, which is the worst choice possible for a laid back game like this. Level design was average, simple puzzles and simple solutions made for an easy experience as long as glitches or aforementioned control issues didn't get in the way. Not a bad game, but certainly an unpolished one.

interesting concept

but buggy as hell, many times portals would enter in a infinit loop, other times the character would just keep walking to a direction..

Awesome game

One thing though, on level 12 I got caught in an infinite loop, and then I tried restarting the level, and I was still in the loop. If you submit a sequel to this game, try to fix that problem okay? I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one that has that problem.

Just needs a little polish...

Great atmosphere, fun puzzles, very decent controls ... honestly, with so much great effort put into, I could ask that there was a bit more polish all around.

Great game :D