Reviews for "Clogged Tubes Ep 1"

Brilliant art style.

Looks really nice, animation was good. Audio goes out of sync though, dunno if that's just me, but I'm not gonna let that affect the score anywho. Hope you continue.

PS: I like the title.


Lol at tits or gtfo. Well thought out concept, and despite being slightly exagerated the message board actualy seemed really accurate. The end responses were also really funny too.


I liked this a lot xD I would definitely watch another one of this.

I have to say....I love this!

I like this girl so much.....she is the kind of girl im looking for. All I can say is this is a good animation, and I'm fine with it. Simple and awesome, YEAH!!!.

Oh my god !!!

I'm seriously waiting for the continuation
I want to know more about the character
I'm very intrigued
her motives and reasons
age, family and other personal information
obviously in other animation =P
Good job