Reviews for "Clogged Tubes Ep 1"

This deserves a 10 out of 10

The reason this deserves a 10/10 is because you put so much detail into this animation, which means this took probly months and hours on end doing animtaions. props to you.

A great expression of what we (almost) all feel

The quality is amazing, the references are spot on, and come on, what person who hasn't spent any time perusing the internet hasn't felt this about some lame video they've seen?

very good

that was great really,and i like the style a lot...except maybe for the noses,i think it would look a lot prettier if you just put two dots there(like a lot of anime today have)or something...but overall,great work!

if only

if only the dislikes ment how many assassins would try on a daily basis the internet would be a lot better

note to self never make a video about stupid stuff

hahaha thats kinda funny in a twisted way -_-