Reviews for "Clogged Tubes Ep 1"

A great expression of what we (almost) all feel

The quality is amazing, the references are spot on, and come on, what person who hasn't spent any time perusing the internet hasn't felt this about some lame video they've seen?

Totally agree

Aww she's so cute ^^
I like the GTFO reference :P
like it's a lie that girls are on the internet . That really cracked me up.

Music good
Sounds could be a TINY bit better
Animation A+

Really Great

Has Good Animation, good story potential, and great voice acting. This is one series I'll be looking forward too.

Please continue

This is a great start to a series that really has potential. It explores the internet subcultures and the desensitization of people through exposure to the many horrors of the internet that people like so much. Also, people love a good serial killer - just look at Light from Death Note, Dexter, Hannibal the Cannibal, etc. The fact that she really doesn't care only emphasizes that love.

Mother of god

Of all the time i've spent on the internet, this is the best animated video i've ever seen.
Oh god, now i cant wait until you've finished the second episode.