Reviews for "Clogged Tubes Ep 1"

Pretty good animation.

WARNING: Watch video before reading this blog. Whoa, she just commited murder on a guy that had no serious apparent reason to die. I think she the bad person in this series and I hope like the anime like Death Note but a different ending, she get busted and goes to jail becuase that scene where that innocent guy died was mest up. Now for my real review, Ok this video the story is intresting making this video mysterious showing Ep 1 that there be more Ep. Another thing is the animation is indeed good making me believe that was Sakura Haruno from Naruto, but the setting is dull with barely any good environment, and the voice acting need to be brought in more. This is a good video that shows intrest it just need some more edjestment really you got yourself a good video. And more thing can you slow down on the writting they go to fast. 3/5 stars

I have herd a lot of killer lines but "i am from the internet" thats so sinple but graet. Keep the blood shed coming I want to see intrales hanging like banner and bone shards falling like confedy.

There's some things that you might want to improve on, (and there's REALLY only one thing.) I noticed whilst watching that if you scroll down you're browser (I have google chrome...) it sorta pauses the video for a quick second and keeps the audio playing (putting the video out of synch kinda thing)

But other then that, this series kicks ass, amazing job.

Ah, where to begin?

Well the animation is really smooth and fairly detailed, while the noses look a little weird I really did enjoy the style.

It was fairly quiet all the way through, I guess you can add that to the atmosphere of the short film, but it did feel a bit too quiet.

Now as for the topic in the film itself, I doubt many anons actually have gone out and killed someone just like that, I have heard the stories about the shootings that took place not too long after the actual thread itself., But I haven't heard about an anon killing someone then dumping pics. but it can and probably has happened.

What's also interesting to note is how the internet can corrupt someone into doing such an act, while the internet has indeed changed my view on certain topics and possibly ''numbed'' me to things such as gore or hardcore pornography, Rarely have I seen it drive someone to the extent of killing someone.

Overall Really good and i am looking forward to the next episode, I was hoping for a bit more of a cliffhanger but it may be a bit too early for that. Keep up the good work!