Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

I love Homestuck

It's been so long since I read it, however, that I couldn't tell who the parents were...
The comic itself was always a tad wordy to me though, it definitely isn't one of those read it for the pictures.
Anyways, great job with the animations!

Let me ask you..

How stoned were you when you made this? :D That's pretty amazing.

Hussie's Tumblr for Research

I've seen a lot of negative comments, especially one from "Nickypickle" commenting on the supposed inability to work in flash that Andrew has. Well, you really ought to go check out his tumblr where he breaks down everything he did to make Cascade and the amount of work and effort that went into it.

He also explains a lot of things in regards to certain points that you complained about, like the transitions between segments of the video with no sound.

All I'm saying is, people should definitely delve a little further into the background behind these things before just spewing out words into a review box.


Here you go.


Even out of context, I find it highly inspiring.

I'm an avid fan and reader of Homestuck.
This is about the tenth time I've re-watched this
Andrew Hussie, you have done a beautiful job on this.
I kneel before your superior skills.