Reviews for "[S] Cascade."

A satisfying conclusion to a very long act

Well timed, well done, well Everything.


I just don't know what to say. The level of detail in just about everything. The story, which I think is amazing even if I don't completely understand it. :)

It was like some kind of epic acid trip.

This made no sense whatsoever, but it was amazing. Im sure it probably makes sense if you read the comic. However if i read the comic, and this didn't make sense, I would still give it a 10 cause it is awesome.

so awesome

im glad i stopped smoking weed cuz i dont want to forget this.

Great use of colour and nice choice in music.


I read your work a few years ago when it was still detective comics. I gave up because I didn't think the thing was ever going to end.

I noticed homestuck through the somethingawful forums, avatars. I was intrigued, but never read the comic, remembering how huge it was.

So in summation, damnation to you for creating this and making me break down to read the comic.