Reviews for "[S] Cascade."


love your comic, great music great animation and amazing story! dont stop!

No clue what was going on...

But it was awesome!

It made absolutely no sense, but was interesting

Nothing really made sense at all through the whole thing, granted I obviously haven't read the comic you refer to in the description but with no dialogue at all and a bunch of random stuff happening there's no way to understand it.

That said, it was still pretty interesting to watch and some of the visuals were pretty cool looking.

I have a question though. How did you get such a long flash to fit into only 293.2 KB of space? It felt like a 15 min. flash and that's an incredibly low filesize for something that long.

A loyal fan :3

I've been into homestuck for a while, and when it turned out that they were hosting the new update on newgrounds I knew I had to give it a 10/10.

P.S best update so far, incredibly epic, the music itself was fantastic and extremely well done! This webcomic and it's music just remind me that the world is awesome.