Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"


i guess you expect me to go to sleep now =.=

Thats a sexy bitch, haha

Very good,very eerie ambiance really good overall. Its October and i go searching for scary stuff and i only go for the best and your animation is in that category, congratz. It didn't rely solely on gore, or shock and that's what makes it great so many people do that and it clearly shows anyways im starting to ramble in short great job and keep up the great work.

What a trip!

Can't wait to see the full edit. Looks creepy as hell!


I loved the entire thing. I was looking forward to more symbolism, but the overall result was pretty good. I was enjoying the use of colour, and the ambience throughout, and I think you excecuted this well.

Also, anyone who thinks wasn't scary has to sit down and seriously consider where their mind is. Especially if they believe Saw 4 is scarier. Actually, no. That person's opinion is beyond redemption.

Keep up the excellent work, ignore the masses. You did wonderful! :D

more disturbing than scary imo

i saw what you were kinda going for, i felt a kind of creepypasta feel, gj!