Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"

as of Nov 1, 2010 Karissa was

and is one of my favorite characters here on newgrounds because she's an optimistic child. A small candle who shines in the darkness despite her misfortune

The nightmare is a symptom of the intense psychological trauma from the result of the death of her parents and their bodies being hung from the windmill by the real killer

Being as she's a young girl who is optimistic, imaginative and courageous she will eventually recover from such trauma despite the "nefarious times"

so Kudos the nightmare is eerie

TheFabs responds:

Glad to see you already now how this ties into the story. You've paid attention!
Happy to hear you're a fan of Karissa. :)

Nightmare House

This sorta reminded me of nightmare house 2.

That definitely WASN'T scary, at all, seriously

SERIOUSLY, some girl with fucked up eyes grinning for 2 seconds and then some bobbley head old man sitting on a bed? What the fuck is this piece of shit? I'm not trolling this was seriously pathetic and the fact that it made front page shows how shitty newgrounds has become by the lack of any good flash movies or games this site has had for the past 3 or 4 years, newgrounds is dead.

TheFabs responds:


Gonna have nightmares

Great video. Scared the crap outta me.

It was alright.

I kinda got bored watching it. I love horror. So, this didn't really scared me or anything. Overall: Animation was pretty good. Sound was perfect. Hopefully the real episode will be better then this. Thank you for reading.