Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"

wow finally some good horror potential!!

i'm surprised anyone on newgrounds could be this good at horror and torment flashes!! you definitely have a new fan. awesome job!! i give this a 8 because it was great but unfinished i will give you a 10 when you finish this awesome horror flash!!

Good. Different.

Really cook. Looking forward to the full episode. I'll give u 8, not 10 because it was too short but probably I'll give u 10 on the full episode.

I see that you were working to a deadline and that

However, while the flash showcases your talent and establishes your animation as a qualified and atmospheric horror, your demo doesnt do the episode justice.

Rather I am left contemplating is there really such a point, it's too short to give a substantial impact on the watcher and anyone who even widens their eyes as a result of this flashes plot probably is scared of movies like paranormal activity.

Which is an insult. Though back to the flash- I dont want to look further into the nightmare because of fear of spoiling the overall product which I am actually looking forward to with bated breath. No, this flash doesnt portray the horror that it should, but it certainly portrays the potential. Thus you get half marks now for an unfinished piece- but you WILL get full marks when the rest is provided. I withhold my rating till then, best of luck fabs! Scare the crap out of us!
5/10, unrated/5

Very good

Now that I have watched this does it mean I will die in seven days? %uF04A I thought this was really good, the music really fitted in well. It is 12am so the sun is out, thus it did not scare me, and perhaps I should watch it alone and in the dark. One more thing, that scarykid below can shove his comment up his arse until they can do something better... well done...

It isn't scary, but...

It does make me eager to see the full episode.

By the way, new art style (Or maybe just because of the darker outlines, I ain't an artist.)? I like I like it very much.

I faved you because of An Unfortunate Girl Zero. I have never regretted doing so. The frequency of your updates may be low, but it's what keeps you on my list. I'm always eager to see what you've done.