Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"


It's good, but it's just a trailer. I don't know why everybody's going that crazy about it and, in my opinion, it wasn't frightening either. But the full version has a lot of potential and I think in combination with that kickass setting, it's going to get one of my favs.


huh not really interesting to me but i will await the unfortunate girl.
always gotta send a good rating for the time and effort produced

spooky stuff.

i was thinking one more flash before bed then i immediately regretted my decision this is one of those rare flashes that plays with your mind i really enjoyed it whilst wearing soiled pant i cant wait for the full version :D


There is something about freaking windmills that has always deeply.. deeply scared me...


Overall a very disturbing animation with quite a few unsettling images. Sound quality was very clear and adds to the feel and the animation was decent enough. It was however a little short which is why you don't get full marks (harsh I know) but technically cannot fault you.