Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"

Very Good!

I watched this, alone in the dark. The only light came from my screen as I watched. I didn't hear the noise outside my window; I did not see the blade. But I have come back to review, a shame that I am dead.
Sorry! A little poetry inspired by this video, I hope you do not mind! The animation was good, the style fitted perfectly with the tone you were aiming for. The song was a little subdued, but added a feeling of anticipation that a viewer can truly appreciate. I hope that you are able to bring us the full episode soon, but please know (as you probably already do) that we eagerly await your next addition. But for my own opinion, let me just say: I love the way you draw the girl. Thank you for reading this humble review.

This is...

FREAKISHLY AWESOME! The audio is creepy and the imagery disturbing, just the kinda thing i love to watch at night. (Horrible dreams, Yay! not :P) I normally like things to be more bloodstained than that but it was still amazing, keep up the great work!


I want to hear more of that ending song! Lets hope to see it used in an actual song of yours

i wanted to kill people after i watched this....

o,o WTF


vary interesting...

but nice vid...creepy.... my liky :D