Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"

Well done.

It was really unnerving, and i'm glad you didn't resort to a random screamer, although the thought of one that was coming during the silence was a little scary actually.

TheFabs responds:

I prefer subtle psychological scares over cheap pop-out scares. And thank you!

I dont even

I really dont know how It got Daily 2nd Place, there's no point in this. As an intro it isn't that good either. Its wasn't even scary. It was rather pointless. But I look forward to what you are... making here...
3/5 7/10

And this, Gentlemen...

Is why I sleep with the lights on.

Dear god. This has potential. Horrific, terrifying, psychologically scarring, yes. But potential.


This is a great teaser for an upcoming series, although I'm kind of disappointed that it wasn't longer. If you had added a few more scenes, you would have nailed it home. I particularity Like that twitching ghost thing though I was slightly disappointed when you fully revealed it as nothing more than a head and little transparent body. What I think you should do, is to not fully reveal the monster or ghost next time, but always hint towards it's presence. This would create more tension for the viewer as they would not know what it really was. You should show some more shots of the girl next time as more of a focal point since I presume that is Karissa.
I really enjoyed the windmills since they seemed to be the one image that people will think of when they see this teaser. If you were going for uneasy, than you have achieved it well. I'm excited to see whats next!

thats it come on

It was great very creepy a little too short cannt wait to see it when its done