Reviews for "Karissa Sleeps"


this was crap. it looks like its been made for 'shock value' and their was no shock, nothing cool and creepy, too short and pointless. it your going to make something for shock value look at david firth for inspiration. cause this... is bull crap.

TheFabs responds:



Reminds me of myself when I have too much cake.


Medically speaking im insane and its nice to see somthing i can relate to, also that girl is sexy


To say the least, this is rather chilly. I suppose in this day and age, something that doesn't resort to quick screamers, and actually puts effort into truly unsettling and disturbing visuals is to be applauded. I made it through it rather fine, no actual problems, though I still compliment you, since public opinion is that "I'm not sleeping tonight...". Perhaps I myself am insane. Regardless, good work. Cinematography was alright, but hey, it's flash. Perhaps something a bit more blunt would work better. Not to be hypocritical and go to screamers, but something a bit more...sharp, might help this a bit. It's too ambient, too faint.

No matter what I say, you've put quite a bit of effort into this. I'd say you might want to brush up on some other horror videos. It's all dark and gloomy, more an unsettling vision than a peek into a traumatized and broken mind. I have faith this could be great. Until then, I'll keep an eye out for the finished project. Cheers.

-the guy with the really stupid username

Didn't need to sleep tonight anyways.

Wow that was great, well done my good sir, well done.
Great animation and super creepy/good flash 10/10.