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Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

I'm surprised this hasn't got all tens!

I played this on a different site and it worked absolutely fine, no bugs or anything. I got every secret prize, and my god it's so much easier with the teleport :') but yeah, really nice game and great voice acting (Y)


im concerned about my health because this to addictive

Nonstop hilarious action

This game is excellent, especially for gamers that regularly play platformers. I had no problem playing the game on IE and Safari, and had no lag. The signs posted throughout the game are the funniest I've seen in a game, and the "programmer" voice made the game unique and exciting.

Thanks for the trip from ITHMOID to the Mushroom Kingdom, but I never did die in the menu :(

Favorite part: "Bloop! There ya go."

dude my game got glitchy and then joe got a CAPE horay for walking thourgh doors

IT was a great game with a good plot. If you are dyeing(hope i spelled that right) Try using a better version of flash like idk shockwave flash or something or try turning off ultrasurf. It's just so fun.