Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

Best game I've played in a while!

Very good game. An original concept, with the much loved GLaDOS-esque maniac homicidal level designer/manager guy providing humorous background narration to create a plot. I especially loved the voice acting on him. Whoever did it was ace.


its like im being trash talked by steve!


no lag for me , definately a fun puzzle game

for those of you complaining you just have to be smart to play this,if you cant play it dont play at all

I dont usually play Newgrounds games and more less review them, but it was hard avoiding to write an review of this epic game. I like how Johnny is talking to me, some really funny quotes like "I should take a screenshot of that and post it on the internet!" etc. But it's pretty fucking hard, not that i have a problem with hard games or something, in fact, i love hard games. I really like how this game give me a Super Meat Boy feeling, like jumping and stuff, except wall jumping, etc, but dafaq, that's not even a problem in this game :P. The art is cool too. So, this game if pretty fucking good, I played through all of it, hard as hell but yeah, fucking good. Oh btw the music is really cool too. But the only thing i disliked about this game are the memes in this, like "UMAD" and stuff, pretty annoying. Or else this is 100% perfect! I i wish i could give games more than 5 stars sometimes but yea. 5 Stars.