Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

Mario Bonus

Honestly a great game. Loved the achievements still haven't gotten them all btw.
The voice acting of Mr. Utah really made the experience of transitioning levels fun.
Music fit the game well just needed to vary every now. Nothing big of course but a simple change of tempo or octave would do. I ran into a few glitches every now and then but after a quick refresh of the page my second run through was flawless.
Hope you guys bring Joe back from the sun for a sequel.


its like im being trash talked by steve!


no lag for me , definately a fun puzzle game

Nice game

only few games can achieve this kind of changelle with a simple rule on the whole game: just keep moving for your life.

every in this game really its well place, music, level design and even creator commentaries are well worked (my favorite line was: "hey grand ma can you pass this level for me?"

well but there its a bug i found. after i got super powers i go to mini games and push the button on middle. and then since i was flying when i enter on the mini game room, joe can only jump and i cant move on the sides. i tought was the only minigame rule but after i realized i was wrong and in the respawn room i cant still move from the side. just jumping.

Any ways good game hoping to see more.

Loved it

I love the voice, because it challenges you, and Johnny has just the perfect voice for it to be extremely sarcastic and funny :) What I didn't like was the fact that it has some bugs (like, when I was playing again with the superpowers it stopped on level 8), but that didn't really affect me.I also thought that the extras are a really nice way to enhance the game experience.
PS-I am a woman and I beat not only the level he said women could not beat, but the whole game and extras ;)