Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

Voice actor sounds familiar

That definately sounds just like one of the characters from tankmen. Or am I wrong?

3D-xelu responds:

yyyuuuup :D HEY CAPTAIN!

very nice game

i love going round twice just for the lols and getting all the prizes

Awesome Game

I found a cure to the I.H.T.M.O.I.D. disease, I can fly, I've got a rainbow shooting out of my ass, I've got a cape, a monacle, a top hat and a balloon tied to my throat, I can teleport, I started a rave and I found a troll face and a portal to the Mario world.
Have I found everything? :)
I'll carry on looking...
As the guy below me said it would be awesome with side affect diseases :D

3D-xelu responds:

AWESOME comment... that's the game in a sentence right there =))

BUT!... you've missed some things... small things.. but there are at least 3 more secrets somewhere out there :-"

Satistics show that out of 500,000 players..0 have found all of them so far

Great game but...

i got all the powers but i got stuck under a closing door i couldn't move so i exited to the menu but now nothing is appearing and im constantly exploding.

Psst...type "awesomeitem" slowly in the menu to get an award.