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Reviews for "Concerned Joe"

Mario Bonus

Honestly a great game. Loved the achievements still haven't gotten them all btw.
The voice acting of Mr. Utah really made the experience of transitioning levels fun.
Music fit the game well just needed to vary every now. Nothing big of course but a simple change of tempo or octave would do. I ran into a few glitches every now and then but after a quick refresh of the page my second run through was flawless.
Hope you guys bring Joe back from the sun for a sequel.


i actually love this game so much :~)

Loved it!

I never had any issues with lag or control response, personally. Everything was perfectly functional. The signs were funny, the character was cute, the programming was mostly solid, and JohnnyUtah's voice work didn't disappoint in the slightest. The only complaint I have is that I would occasionally get stuck in the metal blockage doors, though it was always at the end of a level. Usually I'd rate 9, but I want to help make up for the ridiculous ratings I'm seeing. 5/5 10/10

Wonderful work, everyone!

great game and very funny, congrats

Sweet game had a few bugs mostly with the sticky walls but nothing that mad it impossible to beat i personally had no issue with the auto-save i clicked out of the window came back later and was right where i was with Johnny happily welcoming me back lol got all the trophies but impossible guessing its either something other than auto kill or the red blocks to the right that lead to Super Mario Joe lol if not then it bugged on me but o well i'm guessing i just haven't found it yet cant wait for the next one sooo getting it when it comes out keep up the great work guys