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Reviews for "Chloe Moretz & 3000 bears"

This is freaking hilarious!

I'm behind the times though, so I don't get the whol Cloe Moretz deal, but I love mowing down endless pedobears. This has to be Cris Hanson's favorite pasttime.

Anyway, I love the compass platform you've added into the game and the characters are very detailed so much as it just feels right to send them a buckshot meal with that shotty.
As for improvements, the item screen's a little bland and it doesn't really show much about what you're buying including how much. Sometimes it's just $2 others it's $15.

All in all a great game though.

Very good!

I like this game, it's original and funny!

Just from me

to start, I will say she makes me feel like a pedo bear

Its a pretty good game. You know everyone likes upgrades, Plus I like a game that increases slowly in difficulty so I other than starting you at one then cranking you up to 11 on the next level.
The few things I think you could do, is to get the pointer to disappear and some touches here and there. I will have to say thumbs up.

its good

the shot gun is way too powerful. its like a sniper rifle shitting a barn door

Aiming is very sensitive and targets start out at about the size of a pixel, not fun. When I played it was glitchy and I could still see my mouse pointer that ventured of the screen and prevented me from aiming. Better artwork(like the in game background) and some gameplay fixes would go a long way.