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Reviews for "CS: GO Trailer"

Chicken Defusal Mode? Anti-Hacker? Need I say more

CHICKEN DEFUSAL MODE!!!! love the trailer

I like the chicken :)

Not bored.
Better graphic? Dammit! Maybe also give them a whole businessman gear, including suitcase?
De_dust dustier? It can be made in 1.6 also.
Bazooka? Maybe also Plasma Cannon and JetPack?
Plasma blasts? "facepalm"
Admin launcher? How it find hackers? Or ban all it touch?
Less lags? O'rly?
Chicken defusal mode? Where CT activate the bomb? And no one thought about shooting at chicken? Dumbasses.
Explosions on quarter the Earth? Not needed.
So I shouldn't buy this.
P.S. Flash awesome!

i dont see how there is less lag but EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!