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Reviews for "Jacko in Hell"

Good game

very straight forward, however, very short. I was able to finish the game in a short setting.


Very Difficult but awesome

Idia good, but game too bugged

1. Press OK only by mouse in messages makes angry. Why SPACE not working?
2. Directions keys stick every time.
3. Dropping head leads to resatrting geme from beginning.
Idea great, graphics too. But it means nothing if game not playable.
After 5 restarts from begining, drop trying.

Awesome game

great job bra

Neat design, but the game needs some fixing

I like the graphical look and in general it's a nice little adventure. But there are a few flaws that could be easily fixed.

First of all, I encountered two painful bugs:
- Once when I died on the critter in the dodge the critter scene the game just got stuck with Jacko dying there and I had to restart the game.
- When I got the bombs and fumbled when returning from there ending up as critter food, the game loaded in a mixed up situation, where didn't have the bombs but couldn't get them again either! At this point I didn't want to start all over again any more and just checked the walkthrough video.

Then I think there are a couple of weird things related to gameplay:
- Why is the player required to CLICK on the ok buttons with the mouse even though this is a game you otherwise play with only the keyboard? I don't think there's any point in that. And I don't think it's necessary to force the player to see the text that long either.
- This is a more minor thing, but why do you have to choose between the WSAD and arrow key controls? Why can't you just have them both enabled?