Reviews for "Madness: Inprisonation"

Pro level.

Very exciting! Quick, good looking madness. Though a bit too short (hence the 9) it still deserves props for being top notch action.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Thank You!!

no flaw in this at all

i wonder what happend at the end did hank die or that one dude or the advanced gaurd we will never know i guess over all its pretty good so it should get no more then 9 i give it a 10 nice job dude

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Oh you will find out one day, Maybe.


nice job reserve a 11 and a 6, but here just have 10 and 5 XD

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Haha Thanks!!!

incident:010A spin-off part 1

wow this is like a spin-off
and the song is like this is bass rmx

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

I hope you mean that in a good way :)

Thanks for the review!!!!!!!

So great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can't say how much i like it!

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

I'm glad you like it!