Reviews for "Madness: Inprisonation"


Seriously great as hell.

The animation is awesome, no doubt about it, and it's suprising to see what you were going with this short. The background you came up with was also really detailed, even if they used Krinkels sprites. The music was fitting and great too.

For a short, it's really great. Mostly because of the animation style you used. Really looks as if Krinkels were to make it, but in just a very small different way.
I want to go on and on about how amazing this is, and made my morning, but only thing I can say is that this was just amazing.

5/5, 10/10

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

OH GAWWWD, Thank you!


Really enjoyable. Had some quite insane action. Great work man top notch.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Thanks, Now re host Lef2 lol!!!!


This is epic enough to think that this was Krinkles' own work. Problem is that normality is in restoration so Jebus couldn't have been resurrected. Also you basically took the ending of Madness Combat 6.5 and changed it a bit. Great work. MADNESS FTW!

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Awesome, Thanks for the review!!!

Very good animation.

Everything was nice and fluid, reminded me a lot of Krinkels' style of animation.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:



you are the new krinkels xD

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

I wouldn't go that far, but Thanks!!!