Reviews for "Madness: Inprisonation"

some flash

you animate like krinkles.also really fun to watch.cannot wait for next.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:


Super enjoyable!

I love this! It looks and flows very well! Poor Jebus took it to the face! AHH! I like the music also! Very fitting. You have been 5'd!

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

I'm so glad you love it!!!!!!!


This deserve to be in the madness day 2011 collection :D, too bad you uploaded this a little late... Nice animation, I liked your style bases in krinkels style.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Thank you!

Maybe next year :D!!!

very nice

the animation is like krinkels
great story too

SL4Y3Rftw responds:


Good !

Verry Good Flash !

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Why, Thank you, good sir!