Reviews for "Madness: Inprisonation"


Only gripe with it is that it's too short. keep it up! :D

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

:D Thanks!!!!

I'll try to make the next one alot longer :)


Couldn't be better.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

I reckon I could do better :)

Thanks anyway!!!

are you kidding me ? thats awesome !

your previous animation sucked and was too random (that explains the title), but this is almost the krinkels/delamortes style, hope to see more from you, congratulations

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Thank You!

it's nice to be featured in an animation that is

actually GOOD for once. have to say, that was actually pretty entertaining. and I'm not just saying that either. your art style is very well done. I'm glad you picked me for this.

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

Nice! I'm glad you liked it!

not bad!

remeber me to madness 8, your animations are similars to krinkels!

SL4Y3Rftw responds:

I have a bad memory, but, Thanks for the compliment!