Reviews for "Pac-Pursuit"

A tad to stale gameplay for my taste.

Gave it 3 try's, and to be honest all 3 attempts to play were rather poor experience.
but I still give 3 rating points for trying.

invisble walls, glitchy breaks while in game. and rather stale gameplay. better luck next time I guess.

All in all, would need quite some fine tuning and added extras to work as a game to play. more than just two or three times.


surprisingly fun.
although i think a power-up system would be a nice addition.

oh and i don't know why but if you press twice space in a row the game gets stuck.

Whew ...This is soooooooooo thrilling... :/

I can't believe I'm saying this right now but Watching grass grow is certainly more entertaining as this felt like going through an eternity where there's no sort of light at the end of the tunnel You've could at least some fullings that slow you down or maybe make the paste faster.