Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"

Cool Song

Always good to have a song!


I have dis song on mah ipod!!!!

It reminds me of my leader Moofar...

This was teh War Theme in Waffle World we were fighting the pandcakes from Pandcake Land and apperantly Teh waffles won cuz pandcakes got eaten ^-^ this deserves 10/10 and 5/5 and an extra... A gold star :D


this is freaking awesome.

It really fits the Tankmen spirit.

It sounds really nice. I love it and it has a really nice style. It was very war like, to fit the whole war theme. But it was still a bit silly, to fit with the Tankmen. I think it's great. It's going right into my favorites.