Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"

Like it

I could definately see this as a theme to Tankmen. Very nice job here.

The same tune was re-played throughout the whole piece no matter how short and after listening to WinTang's superb diversity no matter how much I liked this or didn't want to do so I was forced to mark it down for that.

Also, there wasn't really anything new, out of the ordinary, or different about this piece. I feel in the back of my memory i'v heard similar pieces and anyone including I could have have cooked something similar up.

The clarity, as always is wonderful my friend.

Something tells me that you could have put a bit more time into this piece. Maybe go in and add an extra oompf or change it up here and there. All of your work is amazing but I don't feel this is you at your best.

Originality: 7
Clarity/Sound Quality: 10
Diversity: 7
Effort/Skill: 7
Catchiness/Appeal: 9
Overall: 8

Good luck in the MAC6 August Contest!


Good song

It sounds clear and it has a catchy beat, Sadly I don't think I will remember it after I exit out of this.

Veddy Nice

I actually really like this for some reason so great job!
Hope you keep up with the work and like clanman said it does remind me of the war games music.


I see where you got the title from

Thats a great theme for TANKMEN i really see the connection, brilliantly done!!


U know this would be great if it didn't sound so much like every other war theme and well everything sent into the contest. The instruments were not really the best choice in my opinion like an oboe leading the way in a theme is not the best. your beat sounded exactly like the other submissions. He also said if i remember correctly that he was looking for a soundtrack not a war theme. If every track sounds the same y bother having a contest? Well i hope i didn't offend u. my new rule is when somone gives me a rough review i return it in a similiar tough fashion. Thx for not touching the score u have made that luxury for yourself. I know it seems dumb wut i am saying but iam really tired of the same reviews i think its my unwillingness to change.

Arbiter responds:

First off; I might seem defensive here, but I believe it is with reason.
The only valid point I see you have here is actually the oboe.
"If I remember correctly he was looking for soundtrack, not a war theme" is probably one of the more inaccurate and by all means, idiot things I've heard.
War Themes are among the things that are most prominent in the soundtrack industry, and soundtrack in itself isn't really a genre but "Music made to fit a general situation". Second off, the "beat" was like every other submission?
You'll have to explain that one bro, as every submission here has been different. And "every" track sounding the same? The only remotely alike thing between me and some others would be having an orchestra as the instrumental package. There's metal, ambient, classical and other genres, and I really can't see the similiarities.

I wasn't offended, I was merely irritated by false accusations.
But you've proven my point even more.
People here claims to want criticsm, and when they get it, They become less inclined to be nice.
What you really want is everyone to be loving you and never actually saying anything negative about your music.
So in all basic; You're still following up the whole "Hug each other" instead of improving.

If you're not willing to change, You won't improve at all. So sorry man, I can't really symphatise with you on this one. I still hold no grudge agianst you, even though you do that to me.