Reviews for "§Arbiter§ MAC6 - TANKMEN Theme"


I haven't thought about what music would suit the Tankmen series, so I can't really say if this will or not. It seems like it could fit, and it's kinda recognizable, but is it enough? I can't say. I found some things a bit odd, but I can't explain it since I'm not so good with theory. ^^ What WinTang said seemed to describe it. Now that "odd" feeling may make it perfect for the series, who knows. Also it seems a bit neutral and plain, but maybe it's good that it doesn't go crazy. But I like the song, mixing is very good, composition is nice enough to be used in a pro production, but I feel it's missing something. Now I'm not kissing your ass in this review, I hope you appreciate it. ;)


Yet again, Arbiter owns everyone with his incredible music. Woot for you!

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Sooo whats up? this song its just a regul.... WOW 00:28~ 01:01 just where was this going!

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