Reviews for "Beast Squad"

O_O the music!

The music drives me completely nuts!


Ok i guess
its fun at the 1st few levels.
then its boring


i dont really get what im suposed to do


I honestly think people are being a little too harsh on this game. It's certainly different than the usual flash game we're used to, but that's one of the things I like about it. I quickly grew very fond of the strategic trial-and-error idea put into play and enjoyed the time I spent with this game. I'll be coming back to this one undoubtedly.


Entertaining at best. I don't like the graphics, and I don't like how repetitive it is. Also it's pretty easy, at least it was for me. Kind of like a math worksheet with 50 of the same exact kind of problem. What's the point of finishing it if you already know what you're doing?

Quasar14 responds:

I think it's really interesting that you found it easy, as a lot of other players have informed me that it was too difficult. I will certainly be making an effort in my future games to put more thought into this area. Thank you for the feedback!