Reviews for "Beast Squad"

One of the most underrated puzzle touch games I've ever seen. Seriously: I can't believe only 11 people could finish it since the game is incredibly easy to complete (infinite paddles, multiple runs do NOT reset berry collection if level is finished).

My only complain? The difficulty is laughable. The game is TOO DAMN EASY and posed no challenge at all (there were a few tricky levels that were far from hard). Even acing everything is easy since most levels are straight.

Speaking of, the difficulty curve is totally messed up, or, should I say, inverted - I found city levels to be a cakewalk and forest ones to be harder than the rest. Maybe city could be world 1.

Great game though. Simple and not very boring, despite the lack of difficulty.

A fun and amusing game

So we have come across another fine and entertaining flash, I see lots of flash everyday, but im glad i can come across stuff like this, because this is top stuff and shows how good you really are, so stary with that quality. A tricky game here but the guids do help here and make for a better game since it was hard and confusing atfirst. The game is really tricky and theres lots to learn as you place new "BOUNCIES" all around for the righ combonation and all, but its a learning process aswell so nice job overall. for me this was too tricky, you should also try adding an easier mode and such, but anyways you have a good game here. Sometimes the smart choice is the fun choice, and this flash is the right choice for fun and good entertainment, its not everyday you get to find something you enjoy and you have a nact for it, so keep that element up.

Not bad, but not brilliant. allthough it could be brilliant with a few adjustments and some changes for improvment ofcourse but i will get to some of that in just abit, you have some good skills maybe some suggested new ideas and old alike could make this even better. A slight improvment would be to make some easy medals just a few, it really gets hard fast.

It was unique

The best thing about this game is that it really does use an original idea. What I didn't like was that it's the kind of style that's going to take awhile to get used to. After awhile, you don't know where to put the trampolines. Then again, that's largely the point of how it gets harder as it goes along. What I also found weird was that it wasn't much of a platformer game because you had little control over the squirrel. At least the graphics were nicely done.

It's the kind of game that's going to take awhile to get used to. I don't even know the way to get the best A grade by using everything that you have. Everything actually was presented in a bit of a clear manner. I guess this game really isn't my kind, but at least I tried something new. I have to give you props for having a truly bizarre game.

Awesome game

This is one of those games that may seem a little frustrating to some early on, but the more you play the more you 'get it'. I thought the game was really unique, and I enjoyed that in most cases there was more than one way to accomplish your goal. The variety of playable beasts was enjoyable, there are plenty of stages to complete. The music was a little grating, especially if you are attempting the same level many times to get an A, but I've got a 3 yr old and usually have the sound off as to not wake him anyway. I would recommend this game to others, and look forward to more submissions by this author.

Enjoyed it- a bit tedious though

It was a bit tedious, but pretty fun. I never got past the underwater part; didn't enjoy having to propel the squirrel squid thing forward myself. But the forest of noob was quite fun, even though the last level took me a good half hour to work out with trial and error.