Reviews for "Nyan Caxx"


At first I thought this was going to be the stupidest thing ever... Then I watched it and it was fucking brilliant! The art was good, the humor was fucking epic... Words can't even describe what I just saw, well done!

Final Fantasy & Hellraiser influences, eh?

I loved the way it was put together. Especially when we get to where she starts going insane. When I saw that Malboro King I knew she was going to get messed up by its "Bad Breath". Then when it shifted into Hellraiser, I thought she was going to go insane, but instead the vomited rainbows. Very funny indeed. Hahaha!

totally awesome

a great flash, full of satire, and they bring in the Hellraiser puzzle box, drawn with great detail i might add, and they put a new spin on the term technicolor yawn lol

It reminds me...

Of when i first saw nyan cat.


obviously a viral flash from a viral video

does anybody realize after the octopus does the poison, the effect sorta reminds you of the days of when Nintendo used to tweak just like how you see it with the numbers and the colors? Just sayin, haha! Oddly nostalgic.