Reviews for "Nyan Caxx"

I wish for burger now. damit.

HECK NO! It had the Lament Configuration in it! I bet no one remembers that movie anyways, great job though!

welp i WAS absolutely terrfied when the beholder came out
but im all better now cause rainbows allways make a day better

i luv er work i recently caught on to your stuff and i hope to see more great and amazing vids! keep it up

good vid but when things got weird(as in when she got the effects with creepy music)my screen turned off and thought it was the vid.but my screen timed out :P.but dude that was just cool but same time cool/awsome.

The really weird part about this video, is that it could be that Caxx stumbled into the heart of the Internet for a moment there. Pretty sure that's what it was going for at least. Either way, love the video!