Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

^^ I know that!!

Very Nice. Like Dr. Logan in George Romeros "Day of the Dead" from 1985.

Maybe I'll even call the Z "Bub".

Love your games SDF & Co.
Keep up the good work!

Evil-Dog responds:

Good you're the first to get the influence :D It's totally Day of the Dead man....you'll notice the zombie dressed in brown....Bub :D one of the medal is bub too :D

Played this game 3 times from beginning to end.

And it just keeps getting better! Love the animations and the UI. Happy Halloween!

Evil-Dog responds:

Get a life! lol real glad you enjoy it! Wonderbar!

The game is great

I played it for a long time. I really liked the music. When they would do something passive I felt it was a heart warming thing. I felt proud when my zombies showed a passive disposition. And satisfied when it was time to butcher them. I like the unlock system and plan on playing it in the future.

Evil-Dog responds:

Thanks John, glad you were part of this project, you did a great job!


It's friggin' addicting.

Two bugs though, not sure if it's me or the game.

I couldn't get Tooth Brush and Carrot's advanced reaction to activate, even though I fulfilled all the requirements.

Evil-Dog responds:

It's you, have you done the extra hints?


Very well made, the repetitiveness was made easier by your fantastic story and the suspense of what the next log will be. Just one minor nitpick, If you were unable to kill your specimen wood killing the one you were currently working on would have more of an impact, every time I got a new weapon id just kill the current specimen.

It seemed a bit odd how killing them would be an option, I'm sure any of the military folks guarding the compound could have told him what would happen when you shot/sliced a zombies head.

There also seemed to be too many characters, at least for me, within the Alpha logs and stuff, but I eventually wrapped my head around it about half way in.

Anyway, great game, I hope to see a sequel or something similar :)