Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

nice work

Its an entertaining game

Very Good Game

A Very Good Game Indeed! I like it a lot , is like umm ... RPG-ish + Interactive-ish! I really liked the way u can interact with zombies and make them either agressive or passive ... through i din't really experience any agressive action ... :/ i felt so bad for my zombie that i maked it 100% passive T_T

Evil-Dog responds:

haha that's good, compassion is the first step

It would seem that Lighting does strike twice...

And that is correct! Your Road of the Dead in my eyes was addictive and fun because it is different to the standard shooter zombie games. Also, another part that makes this game so good s the back story, which I was obsessed to learn more about. I in my own right felt I had accomplished something great when I managed to make the specimen only eat the chunk of meat when I told it to. Also, I felt sorry for a zombie when it was in fully passive and I shot it... I felt bad. Only Evil-Dog has made me feel sorry for a zombie... Well done.


is it weird that i want to see the zombies naked?

Evil-Dog responds:

Yes.....very weird

Dunno what everyones complainging about with the loading time, didn't take long at all. Some people are just impatient i guess. Anyway, great game! Maybe make a second one?