Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

Buen juego

este juego es muy adictivo y lo recomiendo. si les gustan los juegos de zombies jueguen tambiƩn a The last stand union city

Loved it

In order to get the 4th reaction (Advanced) u have to get the passive neutral and agressive reaction than u have to research the item twice than have the humanity mod and hunger where it tells you so its not buggy u just didnt pay attention

I've Never Bonded With A Zombie Before

But, you did a great job of it here. Not even 20 minutes into the game and it truly pained me to slash into my undead friend's right leg. You've given each and every one of these zombies a feel where there is still a human buried inside of that body. One confined by the simplistic, instinctual urges of their nature, and each is unique.

Well made! I'm really starting to know my specimen, the passive music gave me a tear in the eye for some reason.

Loving your games Evil-Dog.Good luck on your future works.I will definetely be waiting for them :)