Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"


It's the first time i actually have pity for a zombie.

If you mute music and watch him during a research you'll know what i mean.
You can see all his facial expressions, he looks kinda.. sad.
Plus you can molest it, or even kill it and get a new one.

Maybe there are more games like this, but than i haven't come across them.
So this is a quite uniqe experience for me. Thanks for that

Evil-Dog responds:

I know right? I feel for them too

Good Game

This game is possibly the best game I've ever played. If Road of the Dead game wasn't good enough, but you had to make a sequel. I also love the feature that you don't just shoot zombies in the face with a shotgun, but you poke and prod it with either preferred items, or unpreferred items. I never thought it was possible to become attached to a zombie. Amazing game, no flaws that I have seen.


This game is EPIC!!! :3


very optimistic

great game. i abuse all my zombies :D