Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

OMFG !! Epic

Evil Dog .. Your games just keep on getting Better and better.

Evil-Dog responds:

bwaha thank you man, much appreciated


Cool man! Its very awesome, Not a single thing here needs improvement since its awesome! Although i would like a sequel :D with special types of zombies!
Got also a suggestion for a Medal :
Stubborn Scientist

Description : Keep on trying the same item 50 times

damn, now i want a pet zombie

absolutely love the game
i've gotten one hundred percent completion
also, what the hell does captain wood know anyway, my preforming zombie is awesome, if it wasn't the zombie apocalypse ouside, i'd take this show on the road


This goes without saying the best zombie experimenting game ever. now we can enjoy shooting em up or turning them into humane things. I recommend this to any zombie fan.

well i beat the game and i am not sure if there is a way to get around killing those army people but oh well i dont know what else the do now i am stuck at 99.1% and cant seem to any farther