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Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"


Wasted about a good hour or two...possibly even three on this interesting experiment, subject appears to have finally grasped the concept of eating a banana, it's reward shall be being beat until it kills the rat....
>.< This game is awesome, makes me want to own a zombie....>.> Which is highly odd....<.< but still....

Evil-Dog responds:

lol...nice reward, I'll call ZPS (Zombie Protection Service)

Mad science!

For so long I've dreamt of the scientific possibilities of completely discarding ethics. What would happen if patients could trade brains? Can an ape carry a half-human baby? Your game lets me feel like I'm conducting the very same research. And a simple look to the right shows that there is no zombie game remotely similar to this. That saddens me, but I thank you for having the vision to create this.


I am such a fan of zombie stuff and along with Road of the Dead you guys always do the most creative things with the genre; the top-down shooters are a dime a dozen so it's always refreshing to see new stuff!

The references!

Though it was a little saddening figuring out the plot not even a quarter way through this was still a very fun way to wast time on my lunch break. The multitude of ways to interact as well as the whole mood/humanity/hunger thing really helped keep it interesting. Diversity really helped keep this game interesting.

Funny story, this kept me entertained far better then market games.
Skyrim included.

This game is awesome. I had loads of fun. Is it weird that I got kind of attached to my zombie?