Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"


It wasn't til i started to torture the female zombie, that i realized that this is probably someone's sex fetish. BDSM and necrophilia! lol to the author major props. Atleast you know someone really liked your work...

Evil-Dog responds:

thanks :D


fun game

best zombie game ever here on NG xD

This game is very great, makes addictive, and u want to see what happens when u do this and that. Its i think one of the little zombie games where u neednt kill them all. No, in this game u really...have the the zombie as PET.
And I want to say that this game is violence BUT funny too. My favourite part is when the zombie gets the advanced reaction at the guitar xD.
Make more games like that :D

I love the game.It has medals.It has gore.It has zombies.Fantastic story.Almost everything you would ever want in a zombie game.Exept zombie hordes but its not that type of zombie game.But just like every game it gets boring after awhile.But its a grate zombie game love to play it.And this is why i giv this game a 5 just like everybody who played this game.

iwas wondering whats the tape for???