Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

Another game from Evil-dog and Sickdeathfiend?

I just jizzed everywhere. Dammit now I need to clean everything first before I can play this awesome game. D:<

I was waiting for it, and you guys delivered. All what was good in the previous games are back. The animation, game engine, voices and music it's all back for another epic game. Instant saved into my favorite box, 5/5 10/10 and im gonna try to earn atleast 10 medals. May god help me on this epic quest. HAIL.

Evil-Dog responds:

hey thanks for the nice review :D I'm real glad you enjoy our stuff!
More is coming!

Very sexy game

It makes my nipples moist

Evil-Dog responds:

Moist nipples are one of the most efficient weapons during a zombie outbreak.


Heard that song at least 20 times before i realized what he singing. Who is that?
anyway great fucking game i have no idea why it's so entertaining but i've been playing for hours.


Just wish it had a skip option cuz UGH repitition sucks doin the same stuff all over again truly blows but besides that FREAKING AWESOME GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I seriously recommend it!

For those ignorant that still think that video games are a total waste of time and nothing profitable can be got by playing them, I want to say: "PLAY LAB OF THE DEAD". It's not only well designed, but it also has realistic concepts and...it makes you think, you know. Just that. Good story line.

Puzzle games rule!