Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

This one isn't as solid a title as others in the series. There's a few flaws here and there, the English in some of the documents is poor, and the ending is pretty weak. However, this title has the most story in the series, which is found throughout the course of the game in the form of audio logs and written notes and documents. Through these, you're able to find out how outbreak started. It also teaches you what the virus is and what the zombies are capable of psychologically. The characters are pretty generic too. The soldiers are basically a bunch of idiots and hillbillies. The ending is disappointing and ironic, but if you listen closely, you get kind of a twist I guess you could call it.

good game,but i misclicked new game NOW I NEED TO WORK TO GET THE 84% OF GAME COMPLETE :c

im not gonna lie when i used to play this game a lot years ago and turned a zombie to act like a human i felt so bad killing it

Honestly, this is probably the best outcome one can hope for in a zombie apocalypse situation. If the zombies can be taught and, to an extent, tamed, then life can continue, with cheap labor from the tireless dead. And if they get smart enough that they're practically human again, then this turns into a Warm Bodies situation. All in all, I loved this game.