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Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

I turned A zombie into a human by 100% humanity 100% mood and 0% hunger

Quite an interesting game. As others stated, the ending is a bit lackluster, but the reactions in-game are very special and intense.
The game also provides many goals, which is very nice! However, I am unable to find how to fully damage a specimen and how to obtain the Jawbreaker medal. I tried using all weapons possible (including those that can damage the head) before removing all limbs, but it sadly wasn't enough. If anyone can help, that would be great.

Is it bad if i get attached to a zombe?

i hope they just let you test a mutant if they did that would be cool but what are the zombies types i know few of them in the game grub ravager brutes and soldiers but what are the rest

sad rat noises