Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"


this is very goooooooooooooodddddddddddddd

Evil-Dog responds:

Thank you sir!

Another game from Evil-dog and Sickdeathfiend?

I just jizzed everywhere. Dammit now I need to clean everything first before I can play this awesome game. D:<

I was waiting for it, and you guys delivered. All what was good in the previous games are back. The animation, game engine, voices and music it's all back for another epic game. Instant saved into my favorite box, 5/5 10/10 and im gonna try to earn atleast 10 medals. May god help me on this epic quest. HAIL.

Evil-Dog responds:

hey thanks for the nice review :D I'm real glad you enjoy our stuff!
More is coming!


its very fun to play just sit and play with a zombie all day... ITs A DREAM COME TRUE

Evil-Dog responds:

haha have fun dude


Really great game ;) (10\10)

Evil-Dog responds:

epic? haha thanks


It's the first time i actually have pity for a zombie.

If you mute music and watch him during a research you'll know what i mean.
You can see all his facial expressions, he looks kinda.. sad.
Plus you can molest it, or even kill it and get a new one.

Maybe there are more games like this, but than i haven't come across them.
So this is a quite uniqe experience for me. Thanks for that

Evil-Dog responds:

I know right? I feel for them too