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Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

GG, but 90% of my time is used waiting for research to be done. Pretty boring. And research takes the same amount of time, no matter how many RP are required. Research with a cost of 15RP in the latter stages of the game should be done in the blink of an eye compared to something with 5000RP.

Great game, its simply entertaining. I was going to give this a perfect score, unfortunately though due to repetitive gameplay and unfortunately Iam going to give this a 8/10 for fairness.

And Iam really surprised that Allen Creasman Tyler and John Creasman are brothers though I wish we could have learned more about the other characters like Pvt.Quinn, Cpt.Woods, and Pvt. Nagato.

One thing which could have made this better was more character development, I would love to learn the other characters like Pvt.Quinn rather than thinking he's a two-dimensional dick.

But anyways its still a great game, it would have been better if it weren't for repetitiveness, and more character development would have been even better. My final score is 8/10, Iam still looking forward to more and good luck friend. :)

LOVE it! A credit to anyone who likes mix and create type games, but you also get to kill!

love this game very addicting but kinda hard to understand at first

Loove this game !