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Reviews for "Lab of the Dead"

awww my favorite game "Lab of the Dead"

Thank you for putting in a resend code for the achievements.

Anyway, this is a really creative approach to the "usual" zombie game, which is kill anything that twitches. For the most part I'd like to see a squeal and a maybe some story behind the men there or the zombification events (i.e. how it all happened).

The graphics are good and I like how they aren't super realistic. It lessens the horror factor that is usually associated with zombie games.

Keep it up guys!

oooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmgggggggg ggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's a zombie!!!!!! kill it kill it

this game is very interesting,awesome and cool instead of killing zombies like in almost every other zm game you try to get an understanding of them 10/10

Incredible game, its plots pretty good and the fact that you can research zombies in multiple differnent ways makes it great. Good work guys keep it up.