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Reviews for "Pirates of the Undead Sea"


I must say this is one of the coolest point n click game sive played. Apart from the graphics the interaction with objects and characters was a great way to explore deeper into the game. and the idea of an unde the sea adventure doesnt sound that bad. I guess this is in my top 5 of the week. Great job on this piece of art. :D

hehe teary eyed manhug

Really great game love point and clicks i just wish there was a quality control button other than that fantastic job

The Ribcage

This game is a classic point and click game. The pirate theme is pretty interesting and not common used by other creators of this kind of series. I really appreciated the details, the story, the graphics. One of the most beautiful thing in this game was the message. Is rarely to see values while we play. Currently there is a bunch of violence, blood, nudity, weapons... added to all disgusting content out there . Thanks to you and your crew for have built a simple but tender story about friendSHIP... arrrrr matey¡¡¡¡


I love the art and style. A manly pirate and a gorgeous mermaid come together all in one! It reminds me of the little mermaid. Overall It's an awesome game. Can't wait for the next part. Make more!

Awsomely Great!

I Think that was awsome!Wat a night to remember....and an adventure!The mermaid is cool and i like all the graphics and characters and stuffs. Good Job! :D