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Reviews for "Pirates of the Undead Sea"


Nice game indeed.... Maybe a litlle more playtime, and there was one bad bug, that jammed my inventory and had to go back to the beggining...

PahuPahu responds:

Thanks for your feedback! Could you describe the bug in more detail please?


Can't help but get entranced by the story of this game. At first I thought it's like a Pirate of the Carribean fan-fiction since there's a lot of similarities on the title and the characters (or the nature of the antagonists on the first movie). The more I play the game, I can't put my hands away the mouse.

A trully Great game

This game was almost perfect it was way better than many of the current famous point 'n click
The story so original~~!!! Seriously Pirate Zombies under the sea can it get better than that!!!
What it would make the game better:
1)was more locations !!! instead of just of just 9.
2)Multiple endings.

I loved that the main character looked so cool and as you progress in the game he would looker even cooler wearing the other items.

PahuPahu responds:

Thank you, sir! :D The amount of screens is just based on the fact that it takes a lot of time to create them, and that adventures with more content aren't neccessarily easier to present to sponsors. We'll think about how hard to achieve it would be to have more screens.


I would love to raise a mast with that mermaid. She seems a bit high maintance though, Captain might grow tired of her in time.

PahuPahu responds:

In case of a sequel we already have an idea how that won't happen. Harr! :>

Really great!

Not just because it's pirate themed, but this reminds me a lot of Monkey Island. The mechanics of the game and all the choices given were excellent. I would absolutely love to see more games in this series!

My one complaint is that when in a conversation menu, you are taken back to the very beginning after you reach the end of a conversation branch. It made it really annoying to have to go back through all the same options again just to try an alternative response. Maybe just put a "back" button on every conversation option list so it's easier to explore all the responses.

PahuPahu responds:

Thanks a lot! And regarding the dialog system: Yep, that's something we noticed too, and we are going to improve this in a possible sequel / our next adventure. :)